AP Psychology

Dear Students of AP Psych,

When coming to our class, I would like you to think about the goal and purpose of your presence. Here is what I think is essential:

Goal: The goal of the course is to enable students to learn in a creative, an independent and a mindful way, in order to become better prepared for their further studies, by employing the method of critical inquiry into the scientific knowledge of human and animal behavior and mental processes as it relates to themselves, their peers, and their community.

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to understand psychology, and the scientific study of mental processes and behaviors. To harness and develop a keen interest in the science of psychology, which will lead one to develop a better understanding of one-self, as well as other fellow human beings. In which process, one will become a better student and a citizen, who seeks understanding of other people, their mental processes and behaviors, disorders or disabilities, and thus refraining from stereotyping, while appropriating differences. This newly gained knowledge and skills will enable, to those students who apply themselves, to live a more meaningful lives while seeking insight.

Here you can access our AP Psych_Syllabus_2009_10. You will find in there:

I. Course Planner

II. Assessment Criteria

III. Class participation and expectation 2009-2010

IV. Your student activities, and

V. Academic and Citizenship Expectations.

VI. In addition, here you can see for UNIT PLANS, which I will be updating periodically.

A) 2nd Quarter: Unit III. : Bio. Psych. / Sens. & Perc.

B) 2nd Quarter: Unit IV. & V.: Learning & Cog.; Motivation and Emo.; and Dev. Psych.

C) 3rd Quarter: Unit VI. & VII.: Abnormal Psych. & Therapies and Intelligence & Consciousness.


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